Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Programmes offered by the Department
  • Name of the Programme - B .Tech. (EEE)
  • Nature of Programme - Full Time
  • Duration - 4 Years
  • Current Intake - Morning Shift: 120 seats, Evening Shift: 60 seats
  • Initial Intake - 60 Seats
  • Revised Intake (Ist Revision ) - 2006, 120


About Department

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was started in the year 2003 with an intake of 60, with an objective of imparting quality education in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering, the intake has increased to 120 in the year 2006 and in short span of time intake was further increased to 180 (Ist shift - 120, IInd shift – 60). The department is committed to produce well trained Electrical Graduates.

The department has well qualified and dedicated team of teaching staff members. A conductive environment exists in the department for both students and staff. Quality technical education is provided to the students in core area of the field to meet the challenges of globalization. The Department is having well equipped labs. The laboratory facilities are periodically strengthened with addition of equipment depending on latest technology and curriculum updating.

Events like seminars, workshops and expert lecture by the eminent personalities are held regularly. In house training in AUTOCAD, PLC/SCADA, MATLAB is provided to students. Special tailor made training in soft skills and Aptitude are given to students to prepare them for placement process. Teaching and learning process is strengthened with regular feedback. And besides periodical tests, well designed assignments, regular tutorial and remedial classes are arranged whenever it is required.

Department Labs

Details of Events organized by the EEE Department

  • Emerging Trends and Challenges in Electrical power system in 2011
    Name of the Speaker & Designation: Mr. B. M. Mehra, JD, C.P.R.I, Noida
  • Guest Lecture on “Control of Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic” in 2011
    Name of the Speaker & Designation: MS. PRERNA GAUR, Asst. Prof., NSIT, Delhi
  • HVDC Transmission System in 2009
    Name of the Speaker & Designation: Mr. Ashwani Kumar , Asst. Prof., NIT, Patna
  • Modeling of Transformers with Internal Incipient Faults in 2010
    Name of the Speaker & Designation: Prof.(Dr.) Hamid Akhtar, JMI, Delhi
    Mr. Sanjay Singh, S.E, U.P.R.U.V.N.L, Luknow

University Toppers in EEE Department

S. No.NameBatch%age
1.Divya Gupta2003 - 0786.90%
2.Diksha Arora2004 - 0888.93%
3.Neha Lohani2005 - 0983.15

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    Introduction to MATLAB for Beginners/Learners

    Mr P. Vikram Kumar, Alumnus IIT Chennai


    “Safety, Standards& Inspection in Electrical Systems”

    7T3 VISION

    11th sept/14th sept/26th sept 2015

    ROBOTICS workshop

    Zepellin, NIEC

    23rd November 2013

    One Day Seminar on “Recent Trends in Electrical Engineering”.

    Dr. AbhayAnkar- IIT Delhi

    Dr. Sukumer Mishra -IIT Delhi

    8th to 9th Feb. 2013

     Workshop on “Data Acquisition System”.

    7T3 VISION

    13th October 2012

    National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Distributed Generation”.

    Dr. Narenda Kumar-DTU, Delhi

    Dr. Tanmoy Deb - KIIT, Delhi

    Dr. D.K Jain

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    08/04/2017 - 09/04/2017

    Power Plant Visit of BHEL, Haridwar

    BHEL, Haridwar


    Renewable and solar power Plant

    National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), Haryana


    "MCB manufacturing and testing"

    “Kolors cosmo electro, Chandigarh”

    10th Nov 2015

    Process of Power Generation

    Panipat Thermal Power Station

    23rd Oct & 30th Oct 2015

    Industrial visit on PLC/SCADA

    Automation Engineers A. B. Pvt. Ltd., Sector 83, Noida

    23rd-27th Oct 2015

    Industrial visit of Hydropower plant and its generation

    Nathpa Jhakri Hydroelectric Station Rampur (HP)

    6th Sept 14

    Industrial Visiton PLC/SCADA

    Sofcon  Pvt.Ltd.

    8th Feb 14

    Industrial Visiton PLC/SCADA

    Sofcon  Pvt.Ltd.

     4th October 2013 

    Industrial Visit to Pepcico, Sonipat.

    students from T5, T6

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    Introduction to Image Processing and Deep Learning

    Dr Harshita Sharma, Technical University Berlin, Germany



    How to Build Math in Mobile Networks

    Dr Priya Ranjan, Professor, EEE Department, Amity University, Noida



    ”Distributed generation planning in distribution system”

    Dr, Sandeep Kaur from PEC University



    “Armature windings in distributed power system”

    Prof (Dr.) Satya Prakash, Head EED, IIT Rorkee



    Wind Turbines & its Application in Power system

    Dr. Nilanjan Sen Roy, Associate Prof., EED, IIT Delhi

    16th Oct 2015


    Image processing

    Dr. S.P Srivastava,IIT Rorkee

    7th Sept 2015


    PS PROTECTION/Traction


    29th April 2014


    Guest lecture "Industrial Automation

    Mr.Shankar Rao
    Director Sofcon

    4th April 14


     "Industrial Automation"

    Mr.Shankar Rao
    Director Sofcon

    3rd October 2013 


    Expert Lecture on Wireless Industrial Automation

    Mr. Saxena from ProSoft Technologies

    2nd March 2013


     Expert Lecture on “Power System”

    Prof.(Dr.) Sukumar Mishra, from EE Department, IITD