Department of Applied Science & Humanities

Fortunate are the students who find their roots in the most nurturing teachers and are bound to excel in their life. ASH department can boast of its qualified and competent faculty which is an asset for Northern India Engineering College.

The various departments that merge under ASH department are Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Humanities. Value oriented education plays a vital role in every human beings life and ASH department is striving relentlessly to develop NIEC into a centre of excellence by imparting value education for technical and professional upliftment of its students.

ASH department has fully equipped Chemistry and Physics labs with best possible facilities. To facilitate comprehension and innovative teaching the faculty is provided with latest teaching equipments like OHP.

Beyond the classrooms, students are provided with an opportunity to exhibit their talent, creative skills and leadership qualities through various quizzes, workshops, group discussions, presentation skills, art galore etc.

ASH department leaves no stone unturned to make the learning environment conducive to its mission of creating well groomed personalities.

Publications:click here to see >>

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Presentations:click here to see >>

  • Reliability of system of Order-2 using Tree Diagram in 11th Conference of Vijnana Parishad of India by Shalini Mishra.
  • Quantitative Analysis Methodology for Microprocessor in 11th International Conference-SCRA by Shalini Mishra.
  • Reliability of system with 2-Failure Mode in 19th Annual Conference of Ramanujan Mathematical Society by Shalini Mishra.
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  • Communalism in Poetry: A Comparative study of Imtiaz Dharkar, Rukmini Bhaya Nair and Seune Quasim by Bhavna Vij.