Microsoft’s Imagine Camp Event Report

Microsoft’s Imagine Camp Event Report

Microsoft Imagine camp was organized in our college on January 30, 2017 by

Department of Computer Science & Engineering in which 200+ students

turned up and learned about the opportunity to compete in a global

competition followed by Hands-on session on azure (cloud computing

solution). The event was graced by the presence of our college CEO Shri

S.N. Garg, Director Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Assistant Director (HR) Ms. Pankhuri

Aggarwal, Head of Department Dr. Saurabh Gupta and Event in charge Ms.Megha


The session started with the felicitation of our speakers. After this the

speaker session was started by Mr.Venkatesh Sarvasidhi who discussed about

Microsoft Imagine Cup and the benefits of participating in it. He also

shared his past experiences from the Microsoft Imagine Cup and made

students aware with the technological innovations students are doing across

the globe through Microsoft Imagine Cup.

After this Mr.Vibhor Srivastava explained students about

Microsoft Student Partner Program which is a worldwide program created by

Microsoft for training university students to develop meaningful

technology. He also discussed the perks of being a MSP.

Miss Osheen Chauvhan shared her entrepreneurial journey from being a MSP

and then founding her own company. She shared her experiences of being a

former MSP and how she developed various technological skills in her tenure

of MSP.

Our last speaker was Mr. Rohit Jain who himself is a former MSP and he

shared his journey about working in cloud computing and why Azure is one of

the best platform to do so . He discussed about various uses of Azure in

the industry and why it's prefered by most of the companies for cloud


This session gave students of NIEC an opportunity to directly interact with

Microsoft professionals and share their ideas with them.

After the speaker session a hand on session on Azure was taken by Miss Osheen Chauvhan & Mr Rohit Jain

in the CSE department lab. Students were made aware with the basis of Azure

and why it’s important to know its use.

The whole event turned out to be an enriching experience for the students

of NIEC. We would like to thanks the college authorities for allowing and

helping us to conduct Microsoft's Imagine Camp.