CSE Industrial Visit to Huawei Telecommunication, Gurgaon

“The only source of knowledge is experience”Albert Einstein.

Building upon the same spirit, Computer Science & Engineering Department organised an Industrial visit to Huawei Telecommunication, Gurgaon Office on September 06, 2017 for 3rd year students around 114 students visited. The visit commenced with an address by the director Prof (Dr.) G.P. Govil who shed light on as to how to make the most out of the visit. He stressed on the need of first hand industry experience which was followed upon by the added inputs from the officers at Huawei Telecommunication. The students received a warm welcome by the incumbent. The seminar started off by an introduction of the structure of the corporate world and how the IT sector is configured in the former. The focus point of the seminar was ICT (Information Communication Technologies) and its application in the larger area to the small rural areas. This was followed by a visit to the testing lab housing server components some of which were on the live network. We got a brief introduction about BTS, BSC, MSC, Transmitter and cloud. The equipment turned out to be of inquisitive nature. To conclude the visit turned out to be an eye opener for the students unaware of the industry requirements.