Central Library

The ADGITM Library System initially setup in 2003 consists of a Central Library and departmental libraries .

All students, faculty members and employees of the Institute are entitled to make use of the Library facilities on taking library membership.The Library has a well-stocked digital library with latest editions of books by eminent authors & is having a huge collection of books on education, management, computer science, engineering, humanities to cater to the needs and requirements of the faculty as well as students. Library is the main resource center of information. ADGITM library has been enriched with:

  • Number of Books: 90,987
  • Number of Books Titles: 6,073
  • Open book access for all the students
  • Reading Room Facility – beyond the college timings
  • Number of Magazine – 15
  • Print Journals:
  • International: 18
    National: 112
  • Online Journals:
  • International: 320
    National: 65

To make the ADGITM Library a 21st century Knowledge Centre and to facilitate the transition of today’s engineering society to a knowledge base society of tomorrow. The ADGITM Library have planned to digitize all in house resources and knowledge generated by the faculty and student of ADGITM. After digitization of these resources, accessibility will be provided through Intranet or Internet.

ADGITM Library consists of IEEE, ASCE, J-Gate, DELNET, National Digital Library membership.Which helps the faculties & students to do research in various areas.

ADGITM Library have the facility of NPTEL Lectures for Students.

Book Bank

The ADGITM provides Book Bank facility wherein all the students joining the institute are being given a set of text books every year. This has come as a boon to the students who do not have to buy costly books for their academic preparations.